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Top 25 Baseball Movies

Here are our Top 25 Best Sports Movies for Baseball. See how our selections match your picks for the best. If you disagree with the list, please feel free to show us your best sports movies by going to YOUR List and sending us your picks. We will be happy to include your list on our pages.

For now though, sit back, relax and browse the top 25 baseball movies.

1. Field Of Dreams (1989, Starring Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta, Burt Lancaster)
Field of DreamsAn Iowa farmer hears voices that tell him to build a baseball field.

2. The Natural (1984, Starring Robert Redford, Glenn Close, Kim Basinger, William Brimley)
An aging baseball player, that has never played in the big leagues, tries to bring his team from last place to a bid for the playoffs.

3. Bull Durham (1988, Starring Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins)
A career minor league player is sent down to class-A baseball to groom a rookie pitcher.

4. Eight Men Out (1988, Starring John Cusack, Clifton James, Michael Lerner, Christopher Lloyd)
Members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox are approached by gamblers to throw the world series of baseball.

5. Pride Of The Yankees (1942, Starring Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright, Babe Ruth, Walter Brennan)
The life story of one of baseball's greatest players. The famous "today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth" speech is heart-wrenching.

6. 61* (2001, Starring Thomas Jane, Barry Pepper, Richard Masur, Bruce McGill)
New York Yankees Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris make a bid to break Babe Ruth's single-season home run record of 60 set in 1927.

7. The Rookie (2002, Starring Dennis Quaid, J.D. Evermore, Rachel Griffiths)
A former minor league pitcher turned Texas high-school chemistry teacher and baseball coach signs a minor-league contract with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Can this 38 year old make it to the big league?

8. The Sandlot (1993, Starring Tom Guiry, Mike Vitar, Patrick Renna, Chauncey Leopardi, James Earl Jones)
Rag tag bunch kids from a small town play baseball and find trouble.

9. Major League ( 1989, Starring Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Wesley Snipes)
Hillarious story of the losing Cleveland Indians baseball team being threatened with relocating to Miami.

10. The Stratton Story (1949, Starring James Stewart, June Allyson, Frank Morgan, Agnes Moorehead)
The true story of a pitcher that lost a leg in an accident an how he overcame it to continue to pitch in the majors.

A League of Their Own 11. A League Of Their Own (1992, Starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, Lori Petty)
Candy-maker Walter Harvey (played by Garry Marshall) decides to create a women's baseball league during World War II.

12. Bad News Bears (1976, Starring Walter Matthau, Tatum O'Neal, Vic Morrow, Joyce Van Patten)
The coach of a losing little league team brings in a female pitcher.

13. Bang The Drum Slowly (1973, Starring Michael Moriarty and Robert De Niro)
A baseball player with a terminal illness gets help from a teammate.

14. The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Movie Kings (1976, Starring Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones, Richard Pryor, Rico Dawson)
Black baseball players barnstorm the country playing ball.

15. The Jackie Robinson Story (1950, Starring Jackie Robinson, Ruby DeeMinor Watson, Louise Beavers,)
Jackie Robinson plays himself in this true story of the man who broke Major League Baseball's color barrier.

Bingo Long 16. Damn! Yankees (1958, Starring Tab Hunter, Gwen Verdon, Ray Walston)
Be careful what you wish for. Joe has a rough journey and even though he negotiated for an “escape clause”, he does not want to see those Damn Yankees win another pennant.

17. The Pride Of St. Louis (1952, Starring Dan Dailey, Joanne Dru, Richard Hylton, Richard Crenna)
Dizzy, whose real name was Jay, and his brother Paul (called Daffy) combined for 49 wins for the 1934 Cardinals.

18. Fear Strikes Out (Starring Tony Perkins, Karl Malden, Norma Moore)
Anthony Perkins portrays '50s baseball star Jimmy Piersall, who fought back from a mental breakdown to return to the majors.

19. Chasing 3000 (2008, Starring Trevor Morgan, Rory Culkin, Ray Liotta)
Roberto Clemente, the Great One, was a young kid's idol. The way he caught a fly ball, the way he ran the bases, the quirky movement of his head and neck at the plate, hey we all emulated his play.

20. Angels In The Outfield (1951, Starring Paul Douglas, Janet Leigh, Keenan Wynn)
A sailor-mouthed manager who mends his ways after some divine intervention lifts his Pittsburgh Pirates team out of the cellar.

21. Baseball - Ken Burns (1994, Commentary from George Will, Bob Costas, Billy Crystal)
A chronology of the game of baseball from its inception. Divided into nine segments, each representing an inning.

Cobb 22. Cobb (1994, Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Wuhl, Lolita Davidovich)
Ty Cobb nicknamed "The Georgia Peach," was a baseball player and is regarded by some historians as one of the greatest players of all time.

23. The Bronx Is Burning (2007, Starring Oliver Platt, Kevin Conway, Daniel Sunjata, John Turturro)
This sports drama chronicles the story of the Yankees' championship season against the backdrop of a team--and a city--engulfed in chaos and controversy.

24. The Babe (1992, Starring John Goodman, Kelly McGillis, Trini Alvarado)
The Babe is of course the story of George Herman "Babe" Ruth. John Goodman plays the Babe. This film was not well received in the box office.

25. Mr. 3000 (2004, Bernie Mac, Angela Bassett, Michael Rispoli)
He quit the game assured he would be voted into the baseball Hall of Fame leaving his team high and dry. But, an error in the stats is discovered and Mr.3000 has just 2,997 hits, three short of the magic number.

Alphabetical List of All Baseball Movies

61* (2001)

A Love Affair: The Eleanor And Lou Gehrig Story (1978)

Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch (2002)

"Amazing Sports Stories" Blackie Schwamb: The Greatest Prison Baseball Player of All Time (2008)

"Amazing Sports Stories" Bob Aspromonte: Blind Faith (2008)

"Amazing Sports Stories" Burt Shepard: The Dream That Wouldn't Die (2008)

"Amazing Sports Stories" Eddie Waitkus: The Real Roy Hobbs (2008)

"Amazing Sports Stories" Jackie Mitchell: The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth (2008)

American Pastime (2007)

Angels In The Infield (2000)

Angels In The Outfield (1951)

Angels In The Outfield (1994)

Babe Comes Home (1927)

Babe Ruth Story, The (1948)

Babe, The (1992)

Bad News Bears, The (1976)

Bad News Bears Go To Japan, The (1978)

Bad News Bears In Breaking Training, The (1977)

Bad News Bears, The (2005)

Bang The Drum Slowly (1973)

Baseball - Ken Burns

Benchwarmers, The (2006)

Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings, The (1976)

Bleacher Bums (2002)

Blue Skies Again (1983)

Bronx Is Burning, The (2007)

Bull Durham (1988)

Chasing 3000 (2007)

Cobb (1994)

Commrades Of Summer, The (1992)

Damn! Yankees (1958)

Ed (1996)

Eight Men Out (1988)

Everyone's Hero (2006)

Fan, The (1996)

Fastpitch (2000)

Fear Strikes Out (1957)

Fever Pitch (2005)

Field Of Dreams (1989)

Final Season, The (2007)

Finding Buck McHenry (2000)

For Love Of The Game (1999)

Freedom Park (2005)

Game 6 (2005)

Hardball (2001)

Headin' Home (1920)

Hustle (2004)

It Happens Every Spring (1949)

It's Good To Be Alive(1974)

Jackie Robinson Story, The (1950)

Kid From Left Field, The (1953)

Kid From Left Field, The (1979)

Kill The Umpire (1950)

Last Home Run, The (1996)

League Of Their Own, A (1992)

Little Big League (1994)

Little Inside, A (2001)

Long Gone (1987)

Major League (1989)

Major League II (1994)

Major League: Back To The Minors (1998)

Man From Left Field, The (1993)

Mantle: The Definitive Story Of Mickey Mantle(2005)

Mickey (2004)

Mr. 3000 (2004)

Mr. Baseball (1992)

Natural, The (1984)

Nine Innings From Ground Zero: The 2001 World Series(2004)

Over The Fence (1917)

Past The Bleachers (1995)

Pastime (1991)

Perfect Control (1932)

Perfect Game (1999)

Perfect Game, The (2009)

Pitcher And The Pin-Up (2003)

Player To Be Named Later, A (2004)

Pride Of St. Louis, The (1952)

Pride Of The Yankees (1942)

Reverse Of The Curse Of The Bambino (2004)

Rookie of the Year (1993)

Rookie, The (2002)

Safe At Home! (1962)

Sandlot, The (1993)

Sandlot 2 (2005)

Sandlot 3: Heading Home (2007)

Scout, The (1994)

Slide, Babe, Slide (1932)

Slugger's Wife, The (1985)

Soul Of The Game (1996)

Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey (2006)

Stealing Home (1988)

Still, We Believe: The Boston Red Sox Movie (2004)

Stratton Story, The (1949)

Summer Catch (2001)

Talent For The Game (1991)

Tiger Town (1983)

Wait 'Til This Year (2005)

When It Was A Game (1991)

When It Was A Game 2 (1992)

When It Was A Game 3(2000)

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?(1998)

Winner Never Quits, A (1986)

Winning Season, The (2004)

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