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Vision Quest

Vision Quest    Vision Quest [DVD] (1985) DVD
Rousing drama that combines action, comedy and romance. Matthew Modine is a high school wrestler whose drive to become state champion gets sidetracked when he falls for beautiful, older houseguest Linda Fiorentino. Features a top rock score and concert footage featuring Madonna. 107 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital Surround stereo.

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Vision Quest - Cast

Matthew Modine ... Louden Swain
Linda Fiorentino ... Carla
Michael Schoeffling ... Kuch
Ronny Cox ... Louden's Dad
Harold Sylvester ... Tanneran
Charles Hallahan ... Coach
J.C. Quinn ... Elmo
Daphne Zuniga ... Margie Epstein
R.H. Thomson ... Kevin
Gary Kasper ... Otto
Raphael Sbarge ... Schmoozler
Forest Whitaker ... Balldozer
Frank Jasper ... Shute
Roberts Blossom ... Grandpa
James Gammon ... Kuch's Dad
Harold Becker... Film Director

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Vision Quest Trailer

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Vision Quest [DVD] (1985) DVD