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Somebody Up There Likes Me

Somebody Up There Likes Me    Somebody Up There Likes Me is a 1956 drama film based on the life of middleweight boxing legend Rocky Graziano.

In Manhattan's Lower East Side, young Rocky Barbella is abused by his alcoholic father, ex-boxer Nick Barbella. Running from his home life, Rocky begins a career of robbery and petty crime, which continues into his teens, when the local church protectory finally refuses to grant him asylum from the juvenile detention system.

The role of Rocky Graziano was originally to be played by James Dean, but he died before filming began, and Paul Newman was asked to take the part.

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Somebody Up There Likes Me - Cast

Joseph Buloff... Benny
Sal Mineo... Romolo
Everett Sloane... Irving Cohen
Eileen Heckart... Ma Ida Barbella
Harold J. Stone... Nick Barbella
Pier Angeli... Norma Graziano
Paul Newman... Rocky Graziano, also known as Rocky Barbella
Sammy White... Whitey Bimstein
Arch Johnson... Heldon
Robert Lieb... Questioner
Theodore Newton... Commissioner Eddie Eagan
Robert Wise... Film Director

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Somebody Up There Likes Me Trailer

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