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Reggie's Prayer

Reggie's Prayer     Reggie's Prayer [DVD] (1997) DVD
Football Hall of Famer Reggie White made his only screen appearance in this inspirational drama, playing an ex-gridiron star who becomes a coach and 10th-grade history teacher at an inner-city high school. When a neighborhood thug recruits kids into a life of crime, Reggie goes into action. With Pat Morita, Rosey Grier, Brett Favre, and MC Hammer. 94 min. Soundtrack: English.

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Reggie's Prayer - Cast

Cylk Cozart ... Assistant Coach
Allan Creel ... Dr. Richardson
Emilio Delgado ... Stadium Announcer
Brett Favre ... Janitor
Mark Friedrichsen ... Det. Handley
Roosevelt Grier ... Rev. Jeremiah Knox
Willie Halliburton ... Referee
M.C. Hammer ... Ranger
Mike Holmgren ... Janitor
Keith Jackson ... Assistant Coach
Rick Jensen ... Train station attendant
SiSi A. Johnson ... Yvette Fess
Wesley Johnson ... Ben
Melba Joyce ... Esther Mae Fess
Pat Morita ... Principal
Bryce Paup ... Cop
Mel Renfro ... Dr. Walker
Tim Ring ... Reporter
Willie Roaf ... Willie Haystack
Marc Anthony Samuel ... Taylor Lincoln
Gale Sayers ... himself
Derek Sitter ... Rooker
Chanda Watts ... Aisha
Reggie White ... Reggie Knox
Sara White ... Sara Knox
Paul Wight ... Mr. Portola
Paul McKellips... Film Director

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Reggie's Prayer Trailer

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Reggie's Prayer [DVD] (1997) DVD