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Heaven Is A Playground

Heaven Is A Playground    Heaven Is A Playground [DVD] (1991) DVD
The mean streets of Chicago's South Side serve as the backdrop for this thrilling and inspiring tale of an inner-city coach and an idealistic lawyer who team up to oversee a basketball team comprised of troubled schoolyard hoop players. D.B. Sweeney, Michael Warren and Richard Jordan star; NBA stars Bo Kimble and Hakeem Olajuwon also make appearances. 107 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital Surround.

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Heaven Is A Playground - Cast

D.B. Sweeney ... Zack Telander
Hakeem Olajuwon ... Luther Hakim
Michael Warren ... Byron Harper
La Taunya Bounds ... Adoring Girl
Terry Bradley ... Herc
Cylk Cozart ... Andre
Stavon Lovell Davis ... Gus
Jim Dougherty ... Loading Dock Worker
Don James ... Cecil
Razz Jenkins ... Doctor
Richard Jordan ... David Racine
Janet Julian ... Dalton Ellis
Bo Kimble ... Matthew Lockhart
Victor Love ... Truth Harrison
Nigel Miguel ... Casey Caldwell
Mike Skewes ... Sgt. O'Brien
Rick Telander ... Bartender
Mark Vadik ... Ticket Scalper
Ed Wheeler ... Otis Winston
E. Milton Wheeler ... Otis winston
Randall Fried... Film Director

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Heaven Is A Playground Trailer

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Heaven Is A Playground [DVD] (1991) DVD