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Kingpin    Kingpin is a 1996 Farrelly brothers film starring Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid, Vanessa Angel, and Bill Murray. It was filmed in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a stand-in for Scranton, Amish country and even Reno, Nevada. As with typical Farrelly brothers movies, such as Dumb & Dumber, much of the film's humor is gross out and slapstick.

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Kingpin - Cast

Woody Harrelson ... Roy Munson
Randy Quaid ... Ishmael
Vanessa Angel ... Claudia
Bill Murray ... Ernie McCracken
Chris Elliott ... The Gambler
William Jordan ... Mr. Boorg
Richard Tyson ... Owner Of Stiffy's
Lin Shaye ... Landlady
Zen Gesner ... Thomas
Prudence Wright Holmes ... Mrs. Boorg
Rob Moran ... Stanley Osmanski
Daniel Greene ... Calvert Munson
Will Rothhaar ... Young Roy
Mark Charpentier ... 1979 Bowling Buddy
Brad Faxon ... 1979 Bowling Buddy
Bobby Farrelly... Film Director
Peter Farrelly... Film Director

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Kingpin Trailer

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