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Harder They Fall

Harder They Fall    The Harder They Fall (1956) is a film noir directed by Mark Robson. It features Humphrey Bogart in his final movie role. The character Eddie Willis (Humphrey Bogart) is based on the career of boxing writer and event promoter Harold Conrad.

The film is loosely base on the Primo Carnera boxing scandal. Challenger "Toro" is based on Carnera and Champ "Brannen" based on Max Baer. Max Baer and Primo Carnera both starred in the 1937 movie, The Prizefighter and the Lady, in which Carnera is the world champ and Baer is his challenger.

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Harder They Fall - Cast

Humphrey Bogart... Eddie Willis
Rod Steiger... Nick Benko
Jan Sterling... Beth Willis
Mike Lane... Toro Moreno
Max Baer... Buddy Brannen
Jersey Joe Walcott... George
Edward Andrews... Jim Weyerhause
Harold J. Stone... Art Leavitt, TV sportscaster
Carlos Montalban... Luís Agrandi
Nehemiah Persoff... Leo
Mark Robson... Film Director

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Harder They Fall Trailer

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Harder They Fall [DVD](2005) DVD
Literally hard-hitting, this coming-of-age drama concerns two very different Miami-based kickboxers--one rich, one poor--as they vie to win a South Florida fighting championship. When an unexpected event takes their battle out of the ring and onto the streets, the men quickly learn what it means to truly be the best. Joshua Lamboy, Johnny Vieira, Rona Freeman star. 97 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English, Spanish.