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Dogtown And Z-Boys

Dogtown And Z-Boys    Dogtown And Z-Boys (Special Edition) [DVD] (2002) DVD
Narrated by Sean Penn, this exhilarating documentary focuses on the world of skateboarding as exemplified by the Z-Boys, a group of ex-surfers who took to abandoned swimming pools in Venice and Santa Monica, Ca., in the 1970s to perform wild stunts. The film from former Z-Boy Stacy Peralta shows how his pals' expertise on wheels jump-started interest in what has turned into the extreme sports phenomenon. 91 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.0; Subtitles: French; alternate ending; audio commentary; extended scenes.

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Dogtown And Z-Boys - Cast

Sean Penn ... Narrator (voice)
Jay Adams ... Himself (Zephyr skate team)
Tony Alva ... Himself (Zephyr skate team)
Jeff Ament ... Himself
Bob Biniak ... Himself (Zephyr skate team)
Steve Caballero ... Himself (skateboard champion)
Paul Constantineau ... Himself (Zephyr skate team)
'Baby' Paul Cullen ... Himself (Zephyr skate team)
Skip Engblom ... Himself (Zephyr co-founder)
Steve Freidman ... Surfer (archive footage)
Tony Friedkin ... Himself
Glen E. Friedman ... Himself
Marty Grimes ... Himself (Dogtown skater)
David Hackett ... Himself (70's skateboard champion)
Tony Hawk ... Himself
Allan Jeff Ho ... Himself
Jeff Ho ... Himself (Zephyr co-founder)
Wes Humpston ... Himself (Dogtown skater / artist)
Shogo Kubo ... Himself (Zephyr skate team)
Joe Leahy ... 50s Voice Announcer (voice)
Ronnie Jay Leipold ... Himself (Zephyr surf team) (as Ronnie Jay)
Ian MacKaye ... Himself
Jim Muir ... Himself (Zephyr skate team)
Peggy Oki ... Herself (Zephyr skate team)
Steve Olson ... Himself
Stacy Peralta ... Himself (Zephyr skate team)
Jake Phelps ... Himself (editor, Thrasher magazine)
Nathan Pratt ... Himself (Zephyr skate team)
Mark Reiter ... Himself (70's New York skater)
Fran Richards ... Himself (Transworld skateboarding magazine)
Henry Rollins ... Himself
Wentzle Ruml ... Himself (Zephyr skate team)
Allen Sarlo ... Himself (Zephyr skate team)
Tom Sims ... Himself (70's skateboard champion)
Craig Stecyk ... Himself (Zephyr co-founder; writer / photographer)
Stacy Peralta... Film Director

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Dogtown And Z-Boys Trailer

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Dogtown And Z-Boys (Special Edition) [DVD] (2002) DVD