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Believe In Me

Believe In Me    Believe In Me [DVD] (2006) DVD
As far as Clay (Jeffrey Donovan) is concerned, coaching the girls' high school basketball team is just a stepping stone to a better job on the boys' squad. However, Clay meets a challenge he can't resist when a town bigwig (Bruce Dern) discourages the Lady Cyclones from trying to win the state championship. Set in 1960s Oklahoma, this inspiring drama based on a true story co-stars Samantha Mathis, Bob Gunton. 108 min. Soundtrack: English; behind-the-scenes footage; featurette; photo gallery; theatrical trailer.

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Believe In Me - Cast

Jeffrey Donovan ... Clay Driscoll
Samantha Mathis ... Jean Driscoll
Bruce Dern ... Ellis Brawley
Bob Gunton ... Hugh Moreland
Robert Collector... Film Director

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Believe In Me Trailer

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Believe In Me [DVD] (2006) DVD